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Frequently Asked Questions ~ Q &  A Time
How do you edit our photos?

We love to edit photos that we capture, but the way we edit them is quite simple.  We love what we capture, not what we can make the computer do to the photo. So yes, we rotate, crop, alter to black and white, add some spotlight, remove a stop sign here and there, but we do not go over the top. 

What should I wear?


To be honest whatever you feel comfortable in.  Solid colors are always good for any background, yet for some reason stripes are usually a photo ‘no-no’.  If you wear glasses we do not ask that you take them off, because if it is part of your daily life why would we make you take apart of you out of the picture?  Plainly put – we wouldn’t.  We may ask however, if possible you could take the lenses out to help prevent glare. If you have more than one outfit you want to have pictures in – bring it.  We don’t charge extra for clothing changes.


How many times can I change my wardrobe?
As many times as you would like. Keep in mind that the more time you take changing, the less time you have in front of the camera. It’s smart to wear a simple white shirt or cami underneath, so you can easily change tops in public.


Can I bring my tennis racket / soccer ball / band instrument?
Yes! Props are encouraged!  It is a great way for you to show off your high school accomplishments, hobbies, loves and desires!  Even pets are welcome!!!


What if the weather is bad on the day of my session?
You have an opportunity to reschedule the time outdoors to another day.  Or you may reschedule the whole session for another day Though we can take pictures in practically all weather conditions. If it is lightly raining or snowing we can resume the shoot, but if it starts to pour it’s best to either do an inside shoot or reschedule till the weather is more suitable. Cloudy more overcast days are actually preferred for best lighting


How do I get prints of my images?

 After your session we will edit the photos from the shoot and get them to you on a CD.  This CD is copyright free, you can share it with anyone you wish and get prints done wherever you desire with the release we will send with it. 

"Why  go to you when I can go to an in-store photo studio?"

All the in-store photography studios are great, if you want one picture. The main package is of a one picture pose and you don’t have the options of getting how many 8x10’s or 5x7’s that you want, and say if you want more than the one picture you have to buy a certain package.   They advertise these "wonderful" prices, though once you get there; you have a sitting fee, and all these other charges, especially if you want meo than one pose.  What we off you is unlimited poses, unlimited outfit changes, and the best part is you get to keep all of them at no extra cost!  We capture the natural part of photography, without the backgroun "everyone" has, and the limited time until the next person comes in. We are not trying to be rude to the in-store studio’s, because they can be great if you just want that initial one posed package, but money wise and professional wise you are getting more for your dollar getting unlimited poses/pictures on a CD at no extra price through us.


How much does it cost for editing per photo?

There is no extra charge for editing at this time.  We do complimentary editing on the images you will receive on the disc as well as the originals. 

Where is it that photos are taken?

Commonly photo sessions will take place on location.  We have some locations to choose from or you can suggest any of your favorites.

Why do you do your pictures on-site instead of in a studio?


For many different reasons we have chosen to do on-site instead of in a studio. Mainly because we enjoy capturing peoples natural essence rather than a candid shot from behind a curtain. The outdoors presents an endless amount of possibilities and can turn any normal setting into a photographic one.

How do I make sure to get the shots that I want?

Before the day of your session we will go over a few different ideas and figure out what you are most interested in getting out of your shoot. We ask that you make a list of any prop, ideas, or poses that you would like or have in mind.  We will make sure to go over the list as we go through the shoot to make sure everything you wanted is covered. If anytime during the shoot you have an idea or would like to try something, we are always open to suggestions and would have no problem accommodating to your request. The photo’s are for you, so anything you want to add is welcomed at any time. 



How long does a photo session last?

 For most shoots (excluding weddings and requested additional time for bigger groups of people) a typical session can last anywhere up to an hour. If before the hour ends and we both feel all shots were covered and we have an adequate amount of pictures we do not have to continue on for the full hour.  Also if we have went over an hour, we will continue until you feel we have achieved all the photos you desire.


We hope that if your questions haven't been answered through these various range of topics, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call (231) 638-7620.